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Monday Midday Morsel

Posted by bernell on September 15, 2014

The rig located on the Halcon Resources' George Martens, et. al. site is on the move!

Next up is fracking for this well.

With it located beside the highway folks will be treated to watching a temporary Frack City move in and out in a couple of weeks or so and stay for 10 days or so.

Quite a sight to behold!  (But please drive safely!)

Once fracked, plug drill out will follow...the actual drill out shouldn't take but 2-3 days, but scheduling a coiled tubing or workover rig to come in may delay that happening a few days.

Then, once the plugs are drilled out, the well will flow back for several days before peak production is reached.

Halcon will likely announce the early results from this well 2-3 weeks after flow back begins.

So, we're looking at late October before we will know results on this well.

Now, that I've shared a little...can someone confirm where this rig is headed?

I'm guessing it is headed to the Creek Cottage site south of Hwy 24 on Whitestown Road.  Any eyes on observations?

What do you think about it?