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New Mississippi Drilling Applications - September 2014

Posted by bernell on September 6, 2014

I was overwhelmed and nearly drowned from the tidal wave of new unit applications that came in for August, 2014.

There were 38.

It appears that was a mere ripple of new permit applications to come.

The big wave hit this month.

There were a total of 57 new permit applications (as best I could determine) representing 111 new well applications.  Do please note that there was one set of duplicate applications for the month, so the total possible new unit applications are 56 with 109 possible wells.

Now, understand, there was a "reservation to apply for" a potential of up to 351 additional wells such that 456 possible applications were mentioned in the new applications this month...again, as best I could determine.

The fact is some of the descriptions are nonsensical.  I just did the best I could with some of the descriptions available (obvious incorrect townships/ranges and, likewise, obvious incorrect section numbers.)

I'll attempt to get a more detailed listing of applications posted for posterity, again, to the best of my ability, some time next week. 

For now, here is a very general summary.

Wilkinson County - 40 Units - 78 Wells - 336 Potential Wells

Amite County - 13 Units - 25 Wells - 100 Potential Wells

Pike County - 3 Units - 6 Wells - 24 Potential Wells

Halcon - 10 Units (including a duplicate) and 20 Wells (including 2 duplicates) - 100 Potential

Sanchez 33 Units (including a duplicate) and 66 Wells (including 2 duplicates) - 264 Potential

EnCana 7 Units and 14 Wells - 56 Potential

Goodrich 7 Units and 11 Wells - 44 Potential

After subtracting for the duplicate unit/wells/potential wells, everything works back to 56 units, 109 applied for wells and potentially 456 total.

When our map is fully updated (likely late next week), y'all will need sunglasses from the glare of all the colors!

Honestly, folks, I'm hoping the Mississippi Oil and Gas Board has gotten the ladies in the office some help. 

Between carry over applications and new applications for drilling, there were 37 pages in the September preliminary docket.  Wild!

What do you think about it?