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Pictorial Tour through Wilkinson County 9-10-2014

Posted by bernell on September 11, 2014

We had a surprise this morning as someone preferring to remain anonymous sent us several pictures of his ride through Wilkinson County yesterday. 

He's sharing.  We're sharing.


Below: Comstock CMR Foster Creek 28-40 No. 1H on Will Floyd Road.  Trinidad Rig # 103


Below: Comstock CMR Foster Creek 30-31 1H site on Netterville Road, ready and waiting!


Below: Halcon's George Martens et al 1H, located on west side of Hwy 61 south of Woodville... drilling away.



Below: Halcon S. D. Smith 1H located on Jackson, Louisiana Road, fracking away!



Goodrich CMR Foster Creek 31-22H1, located on Hiram McGraw Road fracking away!


Halcon Creek Cottage East 1H and Creek Cottage West 1H pad on Whitestown Road, patiently awaiting a rig!  



What do you think about it?