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Pintard 28H-1 Problems

Posted by bernell on September 16, 2014

Someone posted on here a while back that the EnCana Pintard 28H-1 well located off of Macedonia Road just north of Centreville in Wilkinson County had some issues and was shut down.

Further, I apparently deleted the comment accidentally.

I apologized for doing so and since then I have been trying to find out the details on what was going on.

It isn't unusual for a well to be down for a few days while installing pumps or while fracking a nearby well or for any number of things.

So, I assumed that if the Pintard 28H-1 was down, then it was likely for one of these not so unusual and definitely not permanent reasons.

Still, the rumor was such that I felt like I should attempt to learn what was going on. 

I haven't totally succeeded in learning what has occurred, except that the well is indeed down and it is being worked on. 

There are high hopes the issue can be resolved and the well returned to production, but this is not guaranteed.

Stay tuned!

And, anyone who knows the straight story, please feel free to share.

What do you think about it?