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Proposed TMS Policy Changes

Posted by bernell on September 23, 2014

The Mississippi Oil and Gas Board is considering making changes specifically towards approval of drilling applications in the Tuscaloosa Marine Shale...the changes I'm told will be effective with November applications for permit.

The proposed changes up for consideration are linked at the bottom of this page.

I don't have all of the facts, yet, but I have made inquiries regarding these proposed changes, as follows:

1. How does this impact previously permitted wells?

2. If no impact, will it impact renewals of new wells?


3. When will the final policies go into effect?


4. Are the issues raised in the proposed policies relevant to why Comstock and Sanchez have so many permit applications that have been "Continued?"


5. If a unit has undrilled wells for an extended period of time and the operating companies have shown no desire to develop the play with continued drilling in a unit, is there an existing provision to allow for the drilling rights to be relinquished such that mineral owners can release the rights to another owner for development?  OR, will one well hold 2,000+ acres for so long as production exists, despite no evidence of continued development by an operator?


6. Is there a public comment period on these proposed policies?  If so, when is the comment period over and where and to whom do people send their comments?

Please add your questions and comments below and I will see if these comments can be submitted to the Mississippi Oil and Gas Board from here or, if not, I will communicate how we can individually do so.

Again, please study these rules and submit your questions...this is a very important step for every Mississippi royalty and Mineral owner.

The Link...

TMS MS Oil and Gas Policy Draft.pdf

What do you think about it?