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Rumors and Ramblings -09092014

Posted by bernell on September 9, 2014

Okay...this one is just for fun.

The Dog Days of summer are here. 

I don't know what that means to other folks, but going back to my childhood it is when you're tired of summer and ready for fall. 

Watermelon doesn't taste as good. 

Swimming is fun, but not as much fun as it was.

Besides, school is in session and there isn't as much time to swim.

It's hot. 

It's humid.

The mosquitoes are biting and the fish aren't.

Love bugs have begun to show their ugly, smelly paired selves.

Things get sluggish this time of year.

Even the TMS has slowed to a y' a crawl. 

The double Ash and Sabine wells have meant we haven't had rig movements to report for EnCana since July.  Sure the second Pintard and Lyons wells are flowing back, but nobody's talking much...too hot.

Halcon fracking got held up for a few weeks such that flow back is just now going on a well or two while a couple of others sit by and watch.

Goodrich may have a report for us in a week...or maybe not...GDP management discussed bundling the well result reports into pairs.  If so, we're looking at a couple of weeks or more before we get a result from the latest two wells. 

Sanchez should be fracking its first well soon, but results won't likely be known until October. 

Comstock certainly won't have any announcement until the 3rd quarter report on its first well, if then.

Yet, underlying all of this is an obvious flurry of activity from oil service companies to get ready for 2015.

Properties that were thought to be destined for weeds and memories are being bought for renovation and renewal. Abandoned rail spurs are being replaced with new ones.  Oil service companies are gearing up all over Amite and Wilkinson counties, not to mention Pike and Adams.

New trucking companies are entering the play.  People are inquiring about jobs.  Restaurants are expanding. Travel trailer parks are being constructed.

And, of course, we are getting ready to unveil our new minerals market while at the same time making final preparations for our TMS Wealth Management Conference (Fingers crossed, folks...if I get confirmation tomorrow, I'll have the final piece in place!)

All that said, I'm not going to worry about any of that tonight.  

I'm going to drift over to the meet and greet at Fernwood County Club where CMS Consultants is helping to sponsor the First Annual Tuscaloosa Marine Shale Charity Golf Tournament for the benefit of Camp Sunshine, a McComb Junior Auxillary project.

So, to set the mood, and using my best country rap voice, here goes...

I'm gonna cure summer Dog Days malaise

grazing food bounty and sippin' lemonade

talkin' TMS with others in the shade.


What do you think about it?