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TMS Wealth Management Conference-Expanded Information

Posted by bernell on September 8, 2014

The TMS Wealth Management Conference plans are almost finished!

I’m looking forward to it, not only because of the good I expect it to generate, but in order to have a chance to meet many of you who I have gotten to know online.

For those just now learning about the TMS Wealth Management Conference, we are holding this conference on Friday, September 26, at the Workforce Training Center of Southwest Mississippi Community College.

We hope to offer some insight into the Tuscaloosa Marine Shale play and to provide an opportunity for those in attendance to consider and plan for the potential financial success of the play…

- What will you do with income you might earn from your mineral and royalty rights?

- Who do you see about preparing for and managing for success?

- What are the legal issues involved and how do I protect myself going forward?

- How can I legally avoid as much income and estate/gift tax to the federal and state governments?

- And, more!

Moreover, we will have most, though likely not all, of the sessions recorded and posted on our website for the educational enlightenment of those who are not able to attend the conference.

Let me point out that those in attendance will have several benefits over those not in attendance. 

For example, there will be a light lunch provided…likely just sandwiches, chips and cold drinks, but we haven’t finalized that, yet.

Also, some of these presenters will use power point presentations and videos and whatnot that simply won’t be as viewable in the webcast.

Finally, those in attendance can absorb what is going on better with the feedback both in the sessions and in between sessions with questions of the presenters and interactions with others in attendance.  My experience at these sorts of things is I learn as much from the others in attendance as I do from the presenters.
I should point out that some of the presenters will have booths set up to assist you throughout the day with questions you may have.

If I may share, during our planning process we’ve taken two steps forward and one step back for several weeks now and there are still some final steps to be completed, but it is almost there.

If you will go to the link below you will find the “final tentative” schedule.   There are still some things to iron out, but it will give you a good idea about where we are and what is being planned.

The staff of the Southwest Mississippi Workforce Training Center has been awesome in helping us get this set up.  And, the facilities are top notch.

There is a $50 fee for this conference, but, except for a very few minor expenses, the bulk of this money will go to the Southwest Mississippi Community College General Scholarship Fund.

Also, please note that as with all things, there will be a limited number of folks who can attend. 

That number is 200 and we expect to fill up. 

We haven’t promoted the conference for weeks and we are still nearly 3 weeks away from it beginning, but we already have enough committed to make the conference a success.

As soon as we have the final schedule, we’ll post it, but, again, for now, the link below will take you to the “final preliminary” schedule.

TMS Wealth Management Conference

What do you think about it?