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TMS Wealth Management Conference Sign-up Time!

Posted by bernell on September 12, 2014

The idea for having a TMS Wealth Management Conference was conceived and refined online with discussions among ourselves about what we wanted and needed. 

Lots of excellent ideas came from folks on here and those ideas were incorporated into the program wherever they could be.

Universally, the general concept of holding this wealth management conference has been considered a good one and things have slowly come together in such a way that I am proud to find myself in the middle of it all.

The (almost) final agenda will be posted a little later today (The agenda is finished, but the final presenter for one of the topics remains in question). 

This agenda and a means to sign-up for the conference can both be found at the link below.

TMS Wealth Management Conference

I want our regular followers who wish to attend to have first dibs at attending this conference before it fills up.

So, if you are interested in attending, please sign up as soon as possible.  There is limited space.

Early next week I am promoting the conference through other media and I expect a positive response from this promotion.

To better inform you of what is taking place and to let you know more about the promotion, here is a portion of the information that will be included in that release.

“On September 26, 2014, a locally owned online information source for the Tuscaloosa Marine Shale, is partnering with Southwest Mississippi Community College Regional Workforce Training Center to hold the TMS Wealth Management Conference.

Eighteen different subjects will be covered during 7 time slots and in 4 rooms at the conference. 

Those interested can pick and choose what information they most need, including sessions by both Mississippi and Louisiana attorneys and certified public accountants and nine sessions by general and specific wealth management advisors. 

Further, informational sessions will be held covering topics, such as: Getting paid accurately and timely for your royalties; Understanding the drilling and fracking process;  A pictorial tour of a well from staking to selling oil;  and Factors to consider when selling your royalty or mineral rights.

Those who prepare to manage their new found wealth should be able to both realistically enjoy it during their lifetime and help improve the lives of the generations that follow. 

There is a $50 fee for the event, including the cost of a light lunch served on site.  Net proceeds above direct conference costs will be given to the General Scholarship Fund of Southwest Community College.

You can sign-up for this conference online at or by calling Jill Gunnell at the SMCC Regional Workforce Training Center at (601) 276-4811.”

On behalf of myself, Bernell McGehee, my partner, Tommy Rushing, and our webpage master and marketing guru, Joseph Bullen, we look forward to seeing you at this conference.

What do you think about it?