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TMS Wealth Management Conference was a Success!

Posted by bernell on September 28, 2014

The TMS Wealth Management Conference this past Friday was a success thanks in large part to the staff of the Regional Workforce Center at Southwest Community College. 

The facility is excellent, also.  

The presenters were professional, entertaining, and informative.

The Wards cookies were good, too!

We’re very proud to have organized and promoted this event.

I’m sharing one photo from the event that was shared with me by Ben Waring.

Ben was one of those excellent presenters at the conference, also, but he shared the photo below of Peter Tesarek explaining and helping participants visualize the direction of fractures in the formation as a result of the hydraulic pressure applied.  
Appropriately, the lady volunteering for the presentation was named Ethel.
Thank you Ethel!

09262014 Fracture Visualization.jpg

What do you think about it?