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Goodrich 4-20-2015 - Top 16 Wells

Posted by bernell on April 20, 2015

Management of Goodrich Petroleum made a presentation Monday in New York at the IPAA's 2015 Oil and Gas Symposium.  A link to an audio of the presentation and accompanying slides can be found here:

Among the many interesting things covered in the presentation was their list of the top 16 producers in the TMS.  The top two wells were nameless, but were most likely the Longleaf 29H-2 and the Lawson 25-13H-1 wells.  I am confident the Encana Longleaf 29H-1 well belonged on the list and possibly the Encana Mathis 29-17H-1, though I'm not as confident about this well.

Regardless, the list is still impressive.  Goodrich management made two relevant points in my mind. 

1. Each of these wells was completed with the optimum frack design.
2. The EnCana wells for the most part have longer laterals.

Here is a copy of the map and list of top TMS producers as of April 20, 2015, according to Goodrich.

April 04-2015 Top 16 Wells.jpg

What do you think about it?