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December, 2015

Expiring Louisiana Permits

Posted by bernell on December 3, 2015

As best I can determine expired permits for TMS wells occurring in Louisiana in the past few months are, as follows:

West Feliciana - Halcon Walker H 1 (I’m told a pad was prepared for this site.)

St. Helena - Comstock Meeks 56HZ 1 (Site prepared)

Tangipahoa – Goodrich Conerly 5H 1

St. Tammany - The original Helis well permit expired, but was quickly renewed.

I have heard no rumblings of imminent drilling activity.  Presumably the current $40 range oil prices continues to stifle drilling plans.

We will keep our ears to the ground and report any drilling plans that come to our attention.  Feel free to share anything you hear with us!


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