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Encana TMS Comments - 2-25-2015

Posted by bernell on February 25, 2015

EnCana Corporation management gave an hour long presentation today as a part of the 4th quarter and year end reporting process.

I have listened to the playback (with interruptions, so I could have missed something) and all I heard regarding the TMS was a portion of a response to a question (and I'm paraphrasing) of whether EnCana may restart its drilling program in the TMS in 2014.  The short answer was, No. The longer answer (27 seconds!), given by CEO Doug Suttles, is, as follows:

ECA TMS Comments 2-25-2015.m4a

That last comment wasn't as clear, but what he said was, " this environment it is prudent to take a pause there."

For a full view of the 4th quarter report and access to the hour long presentation, please see this link.



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