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Goodrich B Nez Drills Finished

Posted by bernell on February 12, 2015

Nabors X-17 has reached TD on the B-Nez 43H-1 and 43H-2 wells in Little Silver Creek Field on the eastern edge of Tangipahoa Parish...the nose of -1 actually slips into Washington Parish.

These two wells are in two separate units.  43H-1 is in Sand Unit D and reached a total depth of 18,584 foot.  43H-2 is in Sand Unit N and reached a total depth of 18,335 foot.

As of Monday, the 43H-1 production casing had not been cemented into place.

Goodrich announced last week plans to hold off fracking of these and other wells until the 2nd half of 2015.

The question now is where is the Nabors X-17 rig moving next?  I suspect a site in Washington Parish, but I have no inside information.

Feel free to share if you know or suspect where this rig is heading...use the Tips section above or simply post below.

It would be reasonable to expect a move sometime next week for the X-17.



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