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Service Providers in the TMS Listed Here

Posted by bernell on February 12, 2015

There are a lot of existing and new service providers here in the Tuscaloosa Marine Shale. 

We hope all do well and want to encourage all to do well. 

Unfortunately, we offer advertising to folks on here and it is simply unfair for us to allow folks to routinely post on our Tuscaloosa Marine Shale Facebook Page or on here with their advertising.

BUT, we're going to make an exception on this post...

Do YOU have an existing or new service or company that services the TMS in any way...including our advertisers...then post it in the responses below.

Put your logo...sing your praises...let us know about YOUR business....

Now, we reserve the right to cut anything we deem inappropriate...i.e. no exotic dancing/night life "service" providers allowed.

Otherwise, please feel free to list your business...tell us if you have located or expanded specifically to help service the current or anticipated TMS business.

Don't be bashful....GO!

What do you think about it?