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S D Smith 1H Results

Posted by bernell on January 12, 2015

We reported the Halcon S D Smith 1H with an official flow back of 686 barrels per day of oil in our November 7, 2014 Friday Report. 

The expectation was that Halcon would provide a more complete report on this well at a later day, but that more complete report was never given and we did not follow up. 

So, here we go.

Form 3 from the MS O&G Board reported that flow back on this well started on September 28.  A 24 hour test on October 6 reported 686 barrels of oil using a 20/64 choke. 

Well head pressure was 1,179 psi.

There were 23 frack stages spanning a 7,428 foot lateral.

September and October total and average daily oil production in barrels was, as follows:

September - 1,222 - 407

October - 14,030 - 453

Suffice to say, the S D Smith is not one of the better wells in the play.

What do you think about it?