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July 2015

Paloma Permits 2 wells in St. Helena Parish

Posted by bernell on July 18, 2015

Paloma Resources, LLC came into the TMS last year aggressively leasing acreage...perhaps too aggressively as EnCana refused to accept a farm out of a lease from Paloma of acreage in an EnCana permitted unit in Amite County. Paloma subsequently notified the landowner it was abandoning the lease, including royalty payment provisions.

It appears Paloma has responded to the snubbing by deciding to simply drill some wells of its own!

On Friday, permits were granted to Paloma in St. Helena Parish for two wells in 2 adjacent units, the Denkmann 9-3H-1 and the Denkmann 9-16H-1.  Both of these well/units are located in the Day Branch Field. 

The units are located roughly 4 miles east of the Comstock Meeks 56HZ unit, two miles south of the Amite County/Mississippi line, and 4 miles west of Hwy 1053 on the western edge of Tangipahoa Parish.

Here are links to the Sonris site on these two wells and a plat of the units from the drilling applications (9-3=SUD and 9-16=SUC).

Paloma Denkmann Plat.jpg

What do you think about it?