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March, 2015

Comstock CMR-Foster Creek 28-40 1H

Posted by bernell on March 7, 2015

Here is a more complete report on the Comstock CMR Foster Creek 28-40 1H  well. 

This is the only well drilled by Comstock and is one of the two most northern well drilled in the TMS.

Located in T3N, R1W north of Centreville and in the two sections due north of the Goodrich Crosby 12-1H-1, this well encountered more drilling issues than normal, but hopefully allowed Comstock to learn some things useful going forward.

Flow back started on December 17 and the official test of the well was conducted on December 24 using a 15/64 choke.  Based on the choke size, my guess this production was near the maximum.

The lateral appears to be just over 5,000 foot with 18 stages.

The test production was 790 barrels.  I had previously reported an estimated maximum production of near 1,000 barrels.  My guess is this was a little optimistic and the maximum was nearer to 900 barrels and possibly less.

Production for the month of December totaled 8,476 barrels and totaled 17,009 barrels in January.

What do you think about it?