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May, 2015

B-Nez Fracking Preparations underway

Posted by bernell on May 22, 2015

Goodrich Petroleum appears to be making plans to frack in Tangipahoa Parish shortly.

As the pictures below show those preparations are progressing well.

These pictures were likely take late Thursday, May 21 by an anonymous photographer.  Thank you!

This is the pad for two wells, Goodrich B Nez 43H -1 and -2.

Rumor is the goal is to begin fracking operations Monday.

Goodrich has four other wells ready for fracking.  Assuming fracking continues without a break and without major issues, all six wells will likely be finished fracking by late July.

Good luck!

B Nez Fracking Preparation 5-21-2015.PNG

B Nez Fracking Preparation 1 5-15-2015.jpg


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