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July, 2017

Australis Oil & Gas Direct Deposit Enrollment Form

Posted by bernell on July 21, 2017

In a letter dated July 14, 2017 from Australis Oil & Gas that was mailed to over 2,000 people currently receiving royalty payments from Tuscaloosa Marine Shale wells previously owned by Encana Corporation, Australis announced its purchase of Encana's royalty and mineral interests.  

The letter further encouraged recipients to complete an enclosed Direct Deposit Enrollment Form and return it to Australis. Unfortunately, there was a snafu and the Direct Deposit Enrollment Form was not enclosed.

I emailed Australis Oil and Gas using the furnished email to attempt to obtain a form earlier in the week.  I also called and left a phone message seeking to obtain a form, but, so far, have been unable to get a response.

A friend had better luck than me and obtained the Direct Deposit Enrollment Form.  I have made an image of this form and attached it below.  Perhaps you can print out this form and, after following the directions on the letter you received, submit it.

It is my understanding that a follow-up letter with an enclosed form is on its way shortly, so you can also just wait for the mailed form to get to you.

Your choice.

I'll attempt to interview Australis management in the near future to see what their current plans are.  

They have opened an operations field office in Liberty, Mississippi, which is a positive sign.

Stay tuned!

Australis DD Enrollment Form.jpg

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