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Minerals Marketplace Information

After countless requests, TMSHorizons and its partners have unveiled a new, commission-based, online listing service, "The TMSHorizons Minerals Marketplace." The Minerals Marketplace will help you sell or lease your mineral or royalty interests with the aid of experts who have had more than 25 years experience in the industry. Listing parties will only be charged a commission if they receive an offer that meets or exceeds their asking price.

The Minerals Marketplace is a full-service marketing site that specializes in facilitating the sale or lease of oil and gas properties, minerals, leaseholds, and prospects.  We market our listed assets in various regions and always tailor our marketing program to fit our clients' needs.  For a complete listing of properties available visit our Minerals Marketplace page.

By allowing us to assist you in negotiating the terms of the transaction and assisting in the closing process, we will help eliminate some of the inherent concerns and uncertainties associated with mineral divestitures and mineral leasing. Finally, take comfort in knowing your personal information will never be shared without your permission.

If you are a TMS mineral owner and you have ever considered selling all, or a portion of your mineral rights or royalty interests (or you have unleased acreage you wish to lease), consider allowing us to assist you in the process.

TMSHorizons will help you market your interests, negotiate an agreement, and close the transaction all for a real estate-type commission fee to you, the seller. Even if you are not certain you are interested in selling your interest - allow us to advise you on your options with respect to selling or leasing your interests.   

TMSHorizons has developed numerous relationships with investors within the oil and gas industry who will offer a fair price for your interests. We only work with quality companies who have withstood the test of time.

Finally, even if you have already received an offer, send it to us and we will evaluate the offer, advise you as to the equity and legitimacy of the offer and perhaps solicit a better deal for you. 

For more information on how to get started or if you have any questions or concerns regarding your interests, email us at Marketplace Contact.

To sell your minerals or royalty interest or lease your minerals - click here

Why Sell?

  • Quick Cash:Life is full of unexpected events, we offer you an easy way to quickly turn some of your oil & gas royalties into cash.
  • Poor performing well: As we have learned in the TMS, drilling a well is not a sure thing, and some my not produce at all. By selling a small portion of your royalties now, you guarantee yourself a payday.
  • Delays in Development: The TMS is very early in development and wells are very expensive. Many factors can delay development of the TMS: oil prices dropping, anti-fracking laws, and many more reasons. For these reasons, mineral owners may prefer to sell some of their royalties now, rather than waiting for unknown development delays in the future.
  • Tax advantage: If you have owned your oil and gas minerals for more than one year, the payment you receive for selling your royalties may be subject to a federal tax rate of only 15%. Royalty payments are taxed as normal income. (talk to your CPA for tax advise)
  • Asset Diversification: If most of your assets are tied to land, selling oil royalties can provide you the ability to diversify your holdings.
  • Personal reasons.


  • Understand What You Own-Buyers need to know where your minerals are located, how many acres you own, and other additional information before they can submit an offer.
  • Prove Clear Title - Establishing clear title prior to marketing your minerals will generate additional interest and possibly higher offers.
  • Evaluate Your Surroundings - Research your area. What current leasing and/or drilling is taking place around my property? How are the oil and gas wells in my area actually performing? What amounts have others in the area received for their minerals?
  • Quick Close Offers- Unsolicited mail offers may be legitimate. Offer should allow the mineral owner at least a week to consider the offer terms, compare it with other offers, and consult a professional. Any pressure to close quickly is an indicator that the offered price is not a fair market value offer for your minerals.Our professionals would be happy to advise you.  You can email us by clicking here Marketplace Contact.
  • Sell Half?- If you are torn between selling your mineral rights and receiving a cash payment today or leasing your mineral rights with the hope of royalty income in the future, you may choose to sell half. Selling a portion of your mineral rights and holding onto the rest may be your best option in this situation.
  • Don’t Sell What You Intended To Lease-Sometimes mineral owners who think they are leasing their mineral rights are actually selling them. Make sure you have a correct understanding of what you are selling.
  • Seek Professional Advice - Always consult with an attorney that is familiar with oil and gas transactions.