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December 6 Tour of the TMS - Part 2

Posted by bernell on December 7, 2014

Continuing with our tour, we head out the Macedonia Road north of Centreville to Helmer Road where we find the Goodrich holdings crown, the Crosby 12-1H-1, and several sister wells already drilled, a couple being drilled and several being prepared for drilling.

The Goodrich CMR Foster Creek 8H -1 and -2 wells are likely nearing completion of the drills and, in preparation, it appears a centralized tank battery site just west of 8H is being set up.

Here is what we believe is this tank battery pad:

Crosby Well Area Tank Pad.jpg

And, it appears 8H will be tied into this pad via this pipeline:

Crosby Area Centralized Tank Pad 8H Gas Line.jpg

Other new wells (as well as some existing ones) that are likely to use this centralized pad are likely to include the CMR Foster Creek 7-6H-1 is the state of that pad as of 12-6-14..:

CMR Foster Creek 7-6 Pad 12-06-2014.jpg

And the CMR Foster Creek 32-21H pad (likely accessed from Willis Neyland Road, though I'm not sure, yet.) is also underway...

CMR 32-21 Site 12-6-2014.jpg

Of course the Sanchez Macedonia site, located adjacent to the east of the CMR Foster Creek 8H unit and on Macedonia Road, will have its own tank battery, I'm sure, once the wells are drilled

Here is the site...looks about ready to me...

Macedonia pad 12-6-2014.jpg

And the frack pond also appears to be about finished...this sucker is DEEP....I'm guessing 25 foot or so, though the picture doesn't quite bring out the depth aspect of this pond...

Macedonia #1H water pond 12-6-2014.jpg

And, not far away, EnCana has begun to work on the Longleaf 10H-1 and -2 expensive undertaking, if you ask me...

Longleaf 10H site under construction 12-06-2014.jpg

That concludes our tour of the area north of Centreville.  Please note this is a busy part of the TMS and we haven't covered everything in the area. 

For example, the Goodrich Jackson 11-2H pad is also underway and rumors are this pad may be used to drill a well into the HC Leak unit.  The HC Leak was a Halcon unit that has been (is being?) transferred to Goodrich.

Anything happening near you? 

Share it with us and we'll share it with everyone!

P. S. For those wanting to see Part you go...

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