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Monday Afternoon tidbits..10-27-2014

Posted by bernell on October 27, 2014

The EnCana Mathis 29-17H-1, a well due south of the long time quality producing unit, the EnCana Anderson 17H in Amite County, and drilling due north of the Encana Mathis 29-32H-1 from the same pad, is reportedly making excellent time drilling.

EnCana appears to be focused on this area for now.  The EnCana Stewart 30H/Bergold 29H 4 well pad is being prepared for drilling.  Meanwhile, a bit closer to the Anderson/Mathis wells, we are seeing signs of another 4 well pad for the Powell 10H and Phillips 11H units.  It isn't confirmed, but there are strong hints.

Also, let me point out that the MS Oil and Gas Board has improved their TMSDevelopment website.  You can find a link to this site on our Home Page near the bottom of the page on the right side under "Useful Links."

The MS Oil and Gas Board, in general, and David Snodgrass, in particular, have done a great  job in preparing this page.  The maps and information on the TMS are excellent and we commend their efforts to help keep the public informed. 

Also, note the general links at the top of their page.  Lots of information available form there, as well!

What do you think about it?