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Trinidad Rig # 125 Raises the Bar

Posted by bernell on December 5, 2014

Trinidad Rig # 125 has had consistently good drilling results for EnCana, but has taken a backseat to Trinidad Rig # 124 in many ways.

Not so today. 

A new record drill time for EnCana in the TMS has been set on, I think, the Longleaf 29H-1 well.  The Longleaf 29H-2 didn't take much time either since the total drill time was roughly 64 days.  I'm not sure of the exact number of days to drill -1, but it was under 30.

Other wells by other companies have been drilled faster, but those wells had a lateral of 1,000+ foot less.

Word is the Trinidad 125 is moving to the McIntosh/Reese site on Chance Road.  The original intent of this site was for 4 wells, but one of the units is experiencing some legal delays and, for now, it appears only one unit will be drilled.  I don't know which one, yet, but it appears both wells will be drilled.

While I'm giving a coffee break update this morning, I'll mention the Goodrich T. Lewis has had the intermediate cemented in place and is drilling in the curve at 12,000+ foot.  Nice progress for this well, too.

Folks with any news from any of the other wells/sites, please feel free to share.

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