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CBS TMS Coverage "Confirmed"

Posted by bernell on December 19, 2014

I've received a call and a text from two different folks with CBS assuring me our story on the Tuscaloosa Marine Shale will air at 5:30 tonight.

No guarantees from me...just passing along the message.

I have no idea what footage will be included in the story. Based on past experience I'll be as surprised as anyone over the show.


I can tell you they took some footage in Tangipahoa Parish, in Pike County, in Amite County and, in particular, in Downtown Gillsburg, as well as the Metro-Liberty area.

They interviewed Max Lawson live and in color and did an interview with me mostly while I was driving.

I heard them mention using me as a "voice over" while showing a particular scene. (I'm taking this as a tribute to my voice, but it may have more to do with my looks!)

At any rate, tune in at 5:30 p.m. today on a CBS (Channel 9 in Baton Rouge and 12 in Jackson, if memory serves) for the "CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley" if you want to see coverage on the TMS.

What do you think about it?