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Encana Pintard 28H-2 Form 3 has been posted!

Posted by bernell on October 7, 2014

The Form 3 for Encana’s Pintard 28H-2 has been received!

Unfortunately, it really doesn’t tell us much.

The Form 3 provides the State of Mississippi’s flow test for the well and the report last Friday of the Encana Lyons 35H-2 results were exciting since the barrels of oil received were so high.

Here’s a link to our report on the Lyons 35H-2.

Understand that most of what Mississippi does has been developed over years of dealing with vertical wells and, frankly, often doesn’t apply much to these horizontal shale wells.  A test at day 4 or day 10 isn’t going to make much difference in a vertical well…it can be a tremendous difference in a horizontal well.

While the Lyons 35H-2 showed an excellent result, the test was conducted roughly 10 days after flow back started, which should have been near to its peak production day.

This Pintard 28H-2 test was conducted around Day 7 (started producing September 3, test on September 9) and there is obviously still a lot of flow back from water…the result is neither good nor bad, it is simply too early to know.

All that said, the result was 477 barrels of oil using a 13/64 choke.  Gas produced during this 24 hours was 414 MCF and water was 603 barrels. Casing pressure was 2716 psi.

For comparisons sake, the Encana Lewis 7-18H-1 on Day 5 of flow back had 273 barrels of oil, 50 MCF of gas, and 956 barrels of water using a 14/64 choke…2,636 psi casing pressure.  The Encana Lewis 7-18H-1 is likely going to be the highest producer in the TMS for a while…unless the Pintard 28H-2 knocks it out of the saddle.

The Lyons 35H-2 report was an exciting one due to the timing of the state’s tests.

Again, the Encana Pintard 28H-2 Form 3 report really doesn’t tell us much.

What do you think about it?