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VirTex Units - Pike County

Posted by bernell on October 30, 2014

Four well drilling permits have been applied for by VirTex Operating Company Inc. in two units.

Both units are in Pike County, Mississippi.

One is named McMorris and will include Sections 21, 28 and 33 in Township 1 North, Range 7 East. The two well applications in this unit are for the McMorris 28-21 No. 1H and the McMorris 28-33 No. 2H.

The other unit is named Gaines and includes Sections 22, 27, and 34 in Township 1 North, Range 7 East.  The two well applications in this unit are for Gaines 27-22 No. 1H and Gaines 27-34 No. 2H.

As can be seen in the map below, these units are located roughly 4 miles southeast of Magnolia and are side-by-side just north of the Louisiana state line.  The units are more or less evenly dissected east to west by the Osyka-Progress Road.

Of course, what can't bee seen using the map below is that  these two applications are duplicates with two pending Sanchez applications, Elarton and Sand Rock Hill.

The Sanchez Elarton and Sand Rock Hill applications are the same as the VirTex applications for Gaines and McMorris, respectively.

This will be interesting.

Regardless, I would expect one of these companies to drill one or both of these units in 2015.


What do you think about it?