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Longleaf 29H-1 and 2 Wells Site Setting Up!

Posted by bernell on October 1, 2014



Ahh...what a sight of Longleaf bliss...
Or, is that loblolly in the midst?
No matter the tree, green as can be,
It's the Pictures of Moving we've come to see
There it is! Trinidad Rig # 125!
Trucks, trailers, and dust! Land sakes alive!
And who is there to welcome the throng?
THE ROBINSON GIRLS - Jan, Robyn, and Shawn!

Trinidad Rig # 125 Setting up on Encana's Longleaf 29H site to drill -1 and -2  southeast of Liberty in Amite County, Mississippi.


Longleaf 29H pic 11.jpg

Longleaf 29H pic 1.jpg

Longleaf 29H pic 2.jpg

Longleaf 29H pic 3.jpg

 Longleaf 29H pic 4.jpg

 Longleaf 29H pic 5.jpg

 Longleaf 29H pic 6.jpg

Longleaf 29h pic 7.jpg 

Longleaf 29H pic 8.jpg

Longleaf 29H 10.jpgLongleaf 29H 9.jpg


Longleaf 29H pic 13.jpg

Longleaf 29H pic 14.jpg

 Thanks ladies for a fun visit!

Want to see some more?  Here's some pics today from the Goodrich CMR Foster Creek 8H!


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