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Proposed Rule Changes by MS O&G Board regarding TMS wells - Respond!

Posted by bernell on September 28, 2014

There are 5 proposed changes in the policies of the Mississippi Oil and Gas Board relative to TMS drilling applications and related.  A few days ago I had a post that linked these proposed changes and I will link these proposed policy changes again at the bottom of this letter for your study.

Once I received a copy of these changes I wrote a letter with various inquiries about the changes.  I received a response (nonresponse?) to my questions from Howard O. Leach, Attorney for the State Oil and Gas Board.  Basically he said it would be inappropriate to respond to any questions. 

He went on to write:

“I can advise you that anyone wishing to comment on these proposed policies is invited to do so in writing.  Written comments may be submitted prior to the October 15th meeting of the Mississippi State Oil & Gas Board and addressed to:

                                                Executive Director

                                                Mississippi State Oil & Gas Board

                                                500 Greymont Avenue – Suite E

                                                Jackson , Mississippi   39202


The Board will review and carefully consider all written comments timely received regarding these proposals.”

I followed up with Mr. Leach last Thursday morning, September 25, by email at 10:09 a.m. and very shortly after receiving his email by asking if responses could be made by email and if he minded if I posted his response to my first email.

Mr. Leach has not provided answers to these two questions, so, unless I learn otherwise, I’m guessing that responses must be sent my snail mail and almost certainly would need to be received by the Mississippi Oil and Gas Board a couple of days in advance.  So, I encourage folks to mail letters no later than Thursday, October 9.

This is all I have for now, but each day this week I plan on taking each of the five proposals for changes and posting them online here for comment and discussion in order to help me compose my personal input and response to the proposed changes. 

I will offer my opinion and input when I post each topic, but will wait for your input before finalizing my comments.

I believe the public needs to respond to these proposed changes for I believe that the industry will offer its objections. 

If you are in favor of a proposed change, I strongly urge you to respond.

Silence is NOT golden in this instance.


What do you think about it?