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Friday Report 10-31-2014

Nabors X-17 Setting up on Kent 41H Site 10-31-2014

VirTex Units - Pike County

New Tangipahoa Well Permitted to Drill

And then there were 6...Operating Companies in the TMS

Thursday tidbits

3rd Quarter Report Schedule

Tangipahoa sites are setting up...Franklin PST Prop H-1 and Kent 41H-1

Use Professionals! A Word to the Wise Is Sufficient

Planning for TMS Success from Day One

Stewart/Bergold Site being Built...Pics!

The Minerals Marketplace is Open!

Monday Afternoon tidbits..10-27-2014

What Does Oil Cost to Produce in the TMS?

A Personal Ramble...Me and the TMS Over Time...

Nabors X-17 on the Move- Kent 41, Here We Come!

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November Encana Permits

TMS Wealth Mgmt Videos- A Taste- Tom Lewis

Sanchez News Release- Further Analysis...

Friday Report - October 24, 2014

Sanchez + Wet Sands Beneath the TMS

Comstock Unit Application Dismissals

Sanchez Energy Operational Update 10-23-2014

Sharing the News!

Halcon Rig Move...

Sanchez Unit Withdrawals in October

Halcon Rig Leaving - Alternate Explanation

Encana - Goodrich Lease Swaps

Wells Being Completed

Friday Report - October 17, 2014

Goodrich With at least Two Pads Ready

TMS Today?

MS Oil and Gas Board Meeting

Want to Reach Folks Interested in the TMS? Here's a Way to do it!

MS Oil and Gas Board Meeting October 15, 2014 -

O Woe is Me...What will happen to the TMS?

Tuesday Tidbits

Monday Morsels

3rd Quarter Reporting Schedule- TMS Operating Companies

Encana's Appraisal of the TMS

Rumor Alert! - Halcon Cutting Back to 1 Rig

Friday Report - 10-10-2014

Time to Share!

Sometimes it is good to have a little fun!

Encana sells Clearwater Assets

Tangipahoa Drilling Operations as of 10-06-2014

Trinidad Rig # 124 is Moving to....

New Permitted Well in Tangipahoa Parish- FRANKLIN PST PROP H

Oil Price Article

Picture of Map- Sanchez Morris 1H

Sanchez Morris 1H - Moving On!

August Production - MS TMS Report

Encana Pintard 28H-2 Form 3 has been posted!

TMS Info and Ramblings

The next Comstock drilling site?

Monday Morning Morsel

Suggested TMS Rule #7 and Proposed Response

Lyons 35H-2 Results

Friday Flapjacks- Louisiana wells and more

Friday Report -10-04-2014

Suggested TMS Rule #5 and Proposed Response

Suggested TMS Rule # 6 and Proposed Response

Suggested TMS Rule #4 and Proposed Response

Longleaf 29H-1 and 2 Wells Site Setting Up!

Goodrich SEC Filing...Senior Notes

CMR Foster Creek 8H - A Pictorial Visit