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Friday Report -10-04-2014

Posted by bernell on October 3, 2014


(I'm posting this now, but I expect to have more updates later this evening and may even make some updates early in the morning...if I get something signficant.)
Wilkinson County:
Halcón Fassman 9H-1, truck access road is located off Hwy 61 onto Sam Leake Road, then to Whetstone. Well is flowing back from a reported 6,030 foot lateral. I expect an announcement on the early production numbers on this well next week, likely bundled with the S D Smith 1H.  If we don't hear something next week, then it may not be until Halcon's 3rd quarter report is given before we learn the results...sometime in November..  Under normal circumstances results from this well may have already have been known, but the well was shut down while the Sanchez Dry Fork East and while the Halcon Shuckrow were being fracked.
Halcón Shuckrow 10H-1, located on Sam Leake Road about 5 miles east of Hwy 61 has finished drilling and Platinum (corrected from Premier) should have completed fracking on this well and be headed to the George Martens, et. al., though as of this writing I have not confirmed this.
Halcón S D Smith 1H, located on the Jackson Louisiana Road south of Woodville. H&P Flex 3 Rig# 249 completed a 7,556' lateral. Platinum (corrected from Premier) has completed the frac. Flowing back.
Halcón George Martens 1H, located beside the west side of the south lane of Hwy 61 south of Woodville a couple of miles. Spud 8-8-2014 and completed around the 8th of September.  Targeted lateral length was 7,000 foot.  I suspect the George Martens will be fracked soon.
Halcon Gaulden 1H, located on Louis Gaulden Road about 4 miles east of Hwy 33 roughly 3 miles south of Centreville. H&P Rig # 623 spud on September 10. Drilling away.
Halcon Creek Cottage East 1H and Creek Cottage West 1H.  H&P Flex 3 Rig #249 is set up on this dual pad site, located on Whitestown Road a couple of miles south of Hwy 24.  Drilling away.

Goodrich CMR Foster Creek 24-13, access from Hwy 24 on Hiram McGraw Road to Macedonia Road, then to end of Helmer Road. Goodrich Petroleum announced on Monday, September 29, "The Company is currently conducting completion operations on its CMR/Foster Creek 24-13H-1 (97% WI) well in Wilkinson County, Mississippi, which has an approximate 6,600 foot lateral with 24 frac stages and should begin flowback within a week."
Goodrich CMR-Foster Creek 8-H-1 and 2, access from 24 on Hiram McGraw Road to Macedonia Road, then a mile or so down Helmer Road. Nabors Rig #624 spud -1 on 9-15 and spud -2 on 9-21.  Both surface casings have been cemented into place and -2 should be nearing the turn.
Goodrich CMR/Foster Creek 31-22H-1, accessed from Hiram McGraw Road off of Hwy 24. Nabors X-17, Spud July 8. Drill reportedly finished in 35 days or less. As per a news release from Goodrich on Monday, "The Company's CMR/Foster Creek 31-22H-1 (90% WI) well in Wilkinson County, Mississippi , which was completed with an approximate 6,700 foot lateral and was fracked with 24 stages, is in the early stage of flowback, with a current peak 24-hour average production rate to date of approximately 1,140 barrels of oil equivalent ("BOE") per day, comprised of 1,070 barrels of oil and 420 Mcf of gas on a 13/64 inch choke.  The Company will provide an update on the well on its third quarter earnings press release."

Sanchez Dry Fork East # 2H, drilling completed (again) with a 5,000 foot lateral. Rapad Rig#31 moving to Amite County St. Davis #1 site located on Kahnville Road south of Gloster, MS. Fracked 19 stages successfully. Plugs drilled. Well is flowing back. This is the first well result for Sanchez, so we're not sure what to expect in terms of an announcement.  Normally, an announcement would be likely sometime late next week, but we shall see.

EnCana Pintard 28H-2, located roughly 3 miles north of Centreville off Macedonia Road- Trinidad Rig # 124 finished drill with 20,807' total depth and an approximate lateral length of 8,500'. Well is flowing back and it is reportedly a very good well.  By the way, Pintard 28H-1 has had some difficulties and been offline for a couple of months now.  We’re hoping that will change soon, but no word on it back going again, yet.
Comstock CMR Foster Creek 28-40 No. 1H, located on Will Floyd Road. Access appears to be south off of Hwy 563 on to Macedonia Road, then on to Netterville Road, then on to Will Floyd Road. Trinidad Rig #103 began drilling on August 14. Drilling in lateral.

Sanchez Morris #1H, RAPAD Rig #31 is expected to move to this site, located about 3 miles west of Woodville soon, if not already.
Amite County:
Sanchez St. Davis #1, accessed from Hwy 24 in Gloster, located down Kahnville Road about 6 miles southeast of Gloster. RAPAD Rig # 31 spud 9-2-2014.  Rumors are this well has reached total depth in a TMS record time of about 24 days…no word on lateral length.  No word on when fracturing operations will begin.
Encana Ash 13H-1 and 13H-2, Located on the east side of Ash Road, accessed via Lower Centreville Road about 3 miles southeast of Centreville. Trinidad Rig # 124 spud July 21.  Ash -2 has reached total depth.  Ash -1 is nearing total depth...expect completion soon...latest information is this rig will move to the Lawson 25-13H-1 site next...
Encana Lyons 35H-2- Located on same site as Lyons 35H-1. Fracturing operations complete on an estimated 5,000 foot lateral. Plugs drilled out. Flow back underway...rumors abound, but most reliable I have heard is this well will be a good one.
Encana Sabine 12H-1 and 12H-2, located off of Enterprise Road, south of Hwy 24 about 3 miles out of Liberty, access is from Hwy 48. Trinidad Rig # 125 spudded 12H-1 on June 20 and 12H-2 on June 23. Core sample operations have consumed a lot of time, but drilling on the actual holes themselves occurred in record time and is reportedly complete.  The rig has moved to Longleaf 29H site. Fracking operations setting up now on the Sabine site...should begin to frack no later than the middle of next week.
Goodrich Spears 31-6H-1 is located on the recently completed C H Lewis site pad on the west side of Bates School Road north of Gillsburg. Ensign Rig #753 spud July 22.  Goodrich Petroleum announced in a September 29 news release, "The Company has also drilled and is in completion phase on its Spears 31-6H-1 (77% WI) well in Amite County, Mississippi, which has an approximate 7,600 foot lateral."
Goodrich Bates 25-24H-1, located roughly 2 miles northeast of Liberty off of Hwy 569 North. As per Goodrich Petroleum news release from Monday , September 29, "The Company's Bates 25-24H-1 (98% WI) well in Amite County, Mississippi , which was completed with an approximate 4,850 foot lateral and was fracked with 19 stages, achieved a peak 24-hour average production rate of 1,000 barrels of oil equivalent ("BOE") per day, comprised of 938 barrels of oil and 373 Mcf of gas on a 17/64 inch choke."
Goodrich T. Lewis 7-38H-1 located from the same access road as the EnCana Lewis 7-18H-1 off of County Farm Road a mile or so north of the Lower Centreville Road, accessed off of the Greensburg Road, located about 6 miles south of Liberty.  Ensign Rig #753 is expected to begin moving on site next week.
Encana Longleaf 29H-1 and -2, located off Tobias Lane off of Hwy 584 roughly 3 miles southeast of Liberty. Trinidad Rig # 125 setting up now.  Expect drilling to begin soon.
Encana Mathis 29-17H-1, located on the same pad as the Mathis 29-32H-1 off of Bean Road west of Gillsburg in south Amite County, is expected to be hosting Trinidad Rig #124 once the Encana Lawson 25-13H-1 is completed.

EnCana Lawson 25-13H-1, located on the same pad as the Lawson 25H-1 in Downtown Gillsburg, Mississippi, should be hosting the Trinidad Rig #124 within a couple of weeks following the completion of Ash 13H-1 and -2 wells.

Pike County: Permits pending.
St. Tammany: Permit pending.
Washington Parish: Permits pending, site preparation underway.

Goodrich Verberne 5H-1, located south of Hwy 38 on Hwy 1061. Nabors X-17 spud 8-25.  As per Goodrich news release on 9-29, "Verberne 5H-1 (66% WI) well in Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana... has an approximate 6,800 foot lateral and reached total depth within 29 days."  This rig should be moving to the Amite County T. Lewis 7-38H-1 one day next week.
Goodrich Williams 46H-1 has the Ensign Rig #753 spud 9/11. Surface casing cemented into place at 3,655 foot as of 9/30.  Should be drilling the intermediate hole now.
St. Helena Parish: Comstock pad being prepared...permit pending.
East Feliciana: Permits in process…
West Feliciana:
Halcon Walker drill, previously scheduled, has been delayed.

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